May 2015

An expected challenge to B.B. King’s will

Attorneys representing B.B. King’s daughter and several heirs to his estate are expected to challenge the blues king’s will. A statement released prior to this past weekend’s services in Las Vegas claims longtime King business manager LaVerne Toney is not a qualified estate executor, accusing him of mismanaging millions.

State records 1000 Spice OD’s just last month

Synthetic marijuana overdoses in Mississippi continue to skyrocket. Reports last month suggest Poison Control and emergency room visits now total over 1200. In March, that figure was recorded at 227. The products, sold under names like Spice, reportedly have now been linked to 17 deaths.

Police safety checks planned for holiday weekend

State police will be out in force this holiday weekend looking for impaired, distracted or aggressive drivers. Tickets will also be handed out to those motorists found with seat belt violations. Over 30 drunken drivers were removed from local roadways last Memorial Day weekend. Increased patrols will set up checkpoints…