March 2015

Mississippi’s only abortion clinic vandalized

Police say vandals have hit the last abortion clinic in the state. Camera and electrical components were found smashed and broken Monday at the Jackson Women’s Health Organzation. Investigators reportedly do not suspect any of a number of pro-life groups that recently targeted the state’s only abortion clinic.

State lawmakers returned to the capital Monday

Major bills left to consider include the budget, which must be approved this week. An education spending measure for K-through-12 has been forwarded to the Governor for his signature. Legislators however must still decide bills on higher education and the state’s Medicaid program.

The Queen city of the Delta plays host to the American Queen

Instead of it’s former stop in Helena, it’s Memphis-based operator announced the American Queen would be visiting Greenville for the 2015 season. An almost capacity 432 passengers on board were greeted by escort vessels this week as the steamboat made it’s way into the local lakefront. Its been over 10…

What if it were mandatory for Americans to vote?

Well, turnout numbers here in Mississippi would certainly benefit from that idea. We are among the worst in the nation when it comes to getting people out to the polls. The non-profit group called VOTE has released a new report that finds the Magnolia State is number 46 for voter…

Mississippi’s number one employer

Walmart is the number one employer in Mississippi. A review conducted by “24/7 Wall Street” found 23,000 residents on the retail giant’s payroll. Walmart is the top employer in twenty different states, which is more than any other company. Analysts believe the state’s economy will receive a significant shot in…

Mississippi ranks near the very top in church attendance

A new Gallup poll would suggest church-goers in Mississippi attend services on a more regular basis than God-fearing residents of other states. Only Utah has a higher attendance record. The survey of people who say they attend church on a weekly basis ranks New England states as the very lowest.

Former high school building to get another look

After sitting vacant for decades, the old Greenville High School building has been prepared for possible reuse. Funding from both private and public sources were used to clean up what nature had left behind since the 1970’s. The hope is the nearly 100 year old brick structure serve a new…