Woman’s Purse Shoots Patient In Leg In Jackson

Chicot Memorial
JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — A patient at a Jackson clinic was wound up in worse condition than when she entered after she was shot by a visitor’s purse. Or, more specifically, a gun inside the visitor’s purse. 59-year-old Debra McQuillen was visiting when she dropped the purse. Inside was a loaded 22 caliber Derringer which then went off. The bullet hit a patient waiting to be treated for another condition, who was then rushed to the emergency room to be treated instead for a bullet wound in her leg. Even though McQuillen had all the necessary permits to legally carry the weapon, she was arrested by UMMC police as the area where the accident occurred was not public and signs were posted prohibiting weapons. McQuillen is charged with the felony offense of carrying a concealed firearm in a nonpublic sensitive area and a misdemeanor offense of simple assault through negligence.



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