Where There’s Smoke There’s Sewer Leaks In Clarksdale

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Last week engineers from WGK Incorporated in Clinton conducted smoke tests on Clarksdale’s sewers as part of Clarksdale Public Utility’s ongoing effort to improve the utility’s infrastructure. They discovered hundreds of leaks, about half of them on private property as well as dozens of places where storm runoff goes into the sewer system, however, no sewage appears to be getting into the storm drainage. Greg Gearhart of WGK says the city’s 80 miles of sanitary sewer is largely concrete or clay pipe more than 40 years old. Since 2011 CPU has spent $7 million improving the treatment plant and General Manager Mark Johnson says the utility will spend another $5 million over the next few years fixing the biggest leaks in the sewer system in proximity to storm drains, along with elevating manholes along the Sunflower River.



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