Washington Jail Escapes Inside Job Or Just Incompetence?

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — After last week’s second inmate escape from the Washington County Regional Correctional Center in the last few months, Sheriff Milton Gaston has had some explaining to do. He’s been questioned recently by local citizens and government bodies as to the cause and fixes for the escapes. To find out the answers to those questions an investigation has been ongoing and it appears to be coming close to a conclusion. Six correctional officers have now been fired, and two others suspended from duty. It’s still unknown at this time whether the escapes were simply the result of someone not doing their job, or whether any of the staff actively aided in the escapes. The sheriff reportedly told the Delta Democrat Times that if someone did help prisoners escape, that the Sheriff will be seeking criminal charges against them as soon as the investigation is complete. The June 2nd escape of 22-year-old Lazarric Minton and 25-year-old Jackie Jackson was the jail’s second in four months and Gaston says the facility may install additional razor wire on fences and adopt stricter hiring requirements.



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