Washington County Man’s Drug Conviction Reversed By Supremes

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — In rulings released last week, the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed the drug conviction of a Washington County man. In July of 2014, a confidential informant told law-enforcement officers in Washington County that they could find stolen items at a house in Greenville. Officers obtained a search warrant for the house for “marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, stolen items and or any other illegal controlled substances as well as any paraphernalia.” They did not have probable cause for drugs. When they got there, they detained Sutton. A search turned up pills, $4,995 in cash, a handgun, and two digital scales. Sutton was charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and felon in possession. On Thursday, the Supreme Court justices found the evidence used to convict Sutton came from an invalid warrant that violated Sutton’s fourth amendment rights because it did not sufficiently describe items to be seized, nor was Sutton’s motion to suppress the evidence obtained through the search warrant granted in court, and reversed the conviction.



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