Waller Wants Higher Gas Taxes and Expanded Medicaid

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and retired Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr. took part in a 30-minute televised debate Wednesday night. The Republican candidates for governor disagreed about increasing the gasoline tax to pay for highways and about expanding Medicaid coverage to the working poor. Waller advocates both changes, saying infrastructure is crumbling and hospitals are in danger of closing while Reeves opposes both, saying people pay too much in taxes. Both say the wait time at driver’s license bureaus is too long and teacher pay should be raised. The winner Tuesday’s runoff Tuesday will be the GOP nominee for governor and will face three candidates, including Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood, in the November 5th general election.



3 Comments on "Waller Wants Higher Gas Taxes and Expanded Medicaid"

  1. Gas tax has not been raised in over 30 years. If ALL proceeds go to improving road and bridge then I can support. Expanding Medicade is needed to keep open many rural community hospitals. Problem is how long Fed $’s will continue.

  2. Waller wants to protect White Collar Criminal Masons in the Mississippi Supreme Court like Cham Trotter’s White Collar Criminal Mason Attorneys at Melton’s Law Firm in Greenwood.

  3. Democratic Party agenda.

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