WABG-TV Looking for New GM and News Director, Again

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GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Local television group Cala Broadcast Partners is once again looking for a new General manager and News Director. Cala, which bought four Greenville based television stations in 2016, immediately fired longtime WABG-TV employees Vice President and General Manager Sherry Nelson and News Director Pam Chatman. Gavin Maliska was hired to fill both roles promising he would focus initially on the details of merging operations of all the stations into one Greenville facility and modernizing “operations, systems, computers, everything.” Adding that they needed to focus on quality to improve the station’s news products to better serve viewers. Instead, after less than two years in the position it was confirmed that Maliska is no longer with the company. Cala Broadcast Partners LLC has owners in Michigan and California and first bought stations in Mississippi in 2015. In August of 2016 they took over WABG, WNDB, WXVT, and WABG-DT2 giving them control of programming from all four major television networks seen in the Delta, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. UPDATE: Delta Daily News received the following communication from Sherry Nelson regarding the end of her association with Cala. “Please make the correction to your story regarding me being “fired” when the ownership of WABG and WXVT was transferred to Cala Broadcasting.  When the new owners took possession of the stations, they offered me the position of Station Manager/General Sales Manager.  I declined in order to place all my efforts on my personal broadcasting company, Legacy Broadcasting.  The decision had nothing to do with the new ownership.  The decision was made based on it being the perfect time for me to focus full-time efforts on my own television stations in other markets.”



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  1. Chuck martin | May 14, 2018 at 5:15 pm | Reply

    I would love to hear more positive news than who the heck is in jail that’s how the gangs that run this county have heads up there’s more good than bad right under your noses stop and smell the roses right here in Washington county

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