Virus Associated Deaths Climb 8 in One Day, All over 60

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi is under a statewide ‘shelter-in-place’ order as the number of coronavirus-associated death cases continues to rise. Statewide Mississippi now reports 51 deaths, all but three over the age of 50. Of the 8 new deaths reported yesterday all were in the 60 and over age category. Arkansas has confirmed 16 deaths while Tennessee reports 44 deaths. In the Delta, Leflore County is reporting four deaths, Bolivar two, Tunica and Coahoma one, and none as of yesterday evening in Washington County. Those same counties are reporting at least six long term care facilities designated by the state as being in the midst of an outbreak. For most people coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms like fever and cough which clear up in two to three weeks but milder cases of pneumonia sometimes require hospitalization. The risk of death is greater for older adults and people with underlying health problems.


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  1. Doyle Barrett I’m telling you to come up here for a couple weeks. Arkansas has a lot less cases, and if we didn’t give it to you in March, you’re good.

  2. The real reason folks should panic is if, when the Covid-19 patient is moved to the hospital’s ICU, and subsequently put on a ventilator. That’s where the drama begins. Covid-19 does not cause pneumonia – It elicits an immune response to the virus. The real culprit is the patient’s own immune response to the virus, which causes the lungs to fill and by the time the MD puts their patients on ventilators, their lungs are already filling with neutrophils (white blood cells) and fluid, making it impossible for blood/co2 transfer in the alveoli.

    Any high school science student knows you can’t compress a liquid. What the patients need is oxygen, not more high pressure from the ventilators. The high oxygen pressure within a short time will destroy the lung tissue itself, thus starving the vital organs like the heart, kidneys, spleen, liver of oxygen. The lungs cannot recover from such an insult. The result is death within a short time.

    The so-called Admin experts know so little how to respond to a pandemic such as this one. They are floundering in their own ignorance. Dr Fauci should already know this. Personally, I don’t trust the man. But that’s another story.

    I’m wondering (thinking out loud)..if, when a person first shows signs of Covid-19, they were put on a plasmapheresis machine, whether enough neutrophils could be removed from their plasma, that they might recover own their own. Remember this: it’s not the virus that kills you – it’s your own immune response that does you in.

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