Vicksburg Mayor Beating The Bushes For Money In Washington

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. is in Washington, D.C. today beating the bushes for money. He’ll be meeting with Mississippi’s Congressional Delegation for help in getting assistance for pending projects in the city. On Flagg’s wish-list to be included in Washington infrastructure spending bills is a $10M project to connect Dana Road off US 61 South to Halls Ferry Road, $7M US 61 North bypass, money for dredging at the Port of Vicksburg. Curiously missing from Flagg’s list is the Kemp Bottom Road bridge, which collapsed in July from problems on the west bank of Hennessey Bayou caused by erosion. Replacing the bridge and repairing the bank is expected to cost more than $1 million.


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