Vicksburg Making Upgrades At City Water Plant

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VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — As promised, after a pipe break left the entire city without water for a week, Vicksburg is making some improvements to the city’s water system and treatment plant. Mayor George Flaggs and the Board of Alderman have approved contracts for the upgrades which will include new pumps, tanks, and electrical system work at the city’s 50-year-old plant. Last May’s problem was caused by a pipe break in an area under twelve feet of Mississippi flood water. Plans call for building a second main water line that will be located on higher ground and run a different route to prevent a break from leaving the city high, and dry. But the mayor said there have also been shut downs caused by electrical issues. To fix that the city will be investing in backup generators that will pick up the slack automatically in any power failures. The mayor says the work on the changes will begin in August.



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