Vicksburg Albino Carp Creates Facebook Buzz

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — In other Fish News on this Thursday social media is abuzz with the photo of a Clinton man and his rare catch of an albino carp in the Delta. Veteran bow fisher Jonathan Toth pulled a 20 pound Albino Bighead Carp from the waters of Steele Bayou south of Vicksburg during a recent fishing expedition there. A Missouri fisherman recently hauled in a 40-pound albino and seeing that is what prompted Toth to join in the fun posting his catch on facebook. The United States Department of Agriculture considers bighead carp an invasive species. Toth said he wrestled the big fish to shore over a period of three or four minutes. Putting the fish into the cooler, and then the freezer back home took a little longer.



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