Two Monday Tornadoes Confirmed by Weather Service

TUPELO, MS (Ben Caxton) — The National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes hit northeast Mississippi this week. Monday night a twister with top winds of 115 mph struck Pontotoc County. The EF-2 tornado traveled about 10 miles into Lee County and through parts of Tupelo. One person was injured, three homes were destroyed, seven had major damage and 27 had minor damage. Six businesses were also damaged including an assisted living center just outside the Tupelo city limits. Residents are temporarily staying at a hotel while the center is repaired. A second tornado struck in Itawamba County with top winds of 100 mph. That twister, rated EF-1, traveled 5 miles and caused damage to a metal building and some mobile homes but no one was hurt. The paths of both tornadoes were similar to that taken by twisters that swept through the area in 2014 although damage was not as widespread this time.



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