Trump Says Mississippi Now a "Major" Disaster Area

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — President Donald Trump has declared Mississippi a major disaster area, giving the state access to more federal assistance to confront the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the latest in a series of major disaster declarations that make federal funds available to state, local and tribal governments and some private nonprofits for emergency assistance. South Dakota, Delaware, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Maine were also recently declared disaster areas. Mississippi’s statewide stay-at-home order took effect Friday evening in a bid to slow the state’s growing number of COVID-19 cases although grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential businesses will remain open during the stay-home order that runs until the morning of April 20.


6 Comments on "Trump Says Mississippi Now a "Major" Disaster Area"

  1. Prayers for all of my Mississippi family and all ❤️concerned

  2. Been that before the virus

  3. Need to shut down everything for 2 weeks

  4. This virus isn’t going away Tate until you shutdown the whole state for at least 2 weeks your little order you got is crazy people still doing the same things they did before the order! So how you think we ever going to get rid of the virus until you shit it down for good !!!! How many loves ones does people have to lose before you figure this out !!!!’

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