Toddler Found Dead in Hot Car in Booneville

BOONEVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Police are investigating after a toddler was found dead in a hot car in northeast Mississippi. The 21-month-old boy was found dead Friday evening in the parking lot of a daycare center. He was apparently left in the vehicle at a workplace elsewhere in Booneville and wasn’t discovered until the vehicle arrived at the daycare. Booneville Police Chief Michael Ramey says no one has been charged, but officers are gathering video and statements. The chief says the daycare center had nothing to do with the death.



7 Comments on "Toddler Found Dead in Hot Car in Booneville"

  1. This is so sad, how can you forget your baby?

  2. What is going on with all
    Of these children being found dead in hot cars? When I was a kid, this was unheard of..

  3. If these parents would put those darn cell phones down they would remember they have a kid in the back seat. I bet not one of those parents left their cell phone in the car when they left the kid. This freaking sickens me.

  4. I just don’t understand

  5. I don’t understand how you can forget your child I have two and three grandkids never left them anywhere especially forgot them priorities people get off social media and parent engage your child!

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