Three Suspects In Custody Over Three Stolen Pizzas

NATCHEZ, MS (Ben Caxton) — Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the assault of a 64-year-old pizza delivery driver in Natchez. 19-year-old Jumorris Pernell turned himself in on Wednesday; he and two other 19-year-olds, Isaac Gatlin and Kordell Summers, are charged with robbery and simple assault. The Adams County Sheriff says Gattlin ordered a pizza to a vacant house September 7th and planned to rob the delivery driver. When the driver arrived, Gatlin asked for change for a $100 bill, which the driver didn’t have. Summers and Pernell jumped out of the bushes and assaulted the driver, who suffered no major injuries. No money was taken during the robbery, but three pizzas were stolen.



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