Texting Police Officer Caused Murder Mistrial

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — The mistrial in the first-degree murder case of Edward Broom apparently resulted at least in part from a Greenwood police officer texting to the District Attorney’s Office during her testimony for the prosecution. Circuit Judge Carol-White Richard wrote in an issued an order Friday that it was alleged that a prosecution witness was “texting” while on the witness stand. A hearing was conducted on the matter and the Court determined that the witness for the prosecution was indeed engaging in improper communication with a member of the District Attorney’s Office during her testimony. Greenwood Police identified the officer as Police Lt. Jeri Bankston. Police Chief Ray Moore described Bankston’s actions as a “bad decision” and indicated she will likely face some form of internal discipline. Broom is accused of stabbing his wife, Lakeyla Broom, to death in 2014. The District Attorney, after the mistrial this week, has vowed to retry the case.



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