Tests Show Gains for Mississippi’s Youngest Students

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s statewide assessment of learning in pre-K and kindergarten show the majority of the state’s youngest students made significant gains during the academic year. The state department of education gives a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in the fall and spring of each school year and last fall 2018 36.9% of students scored kindergarten ready. When kindergarteners were retested in the spring of 2019 65.6% of students met the end-of-year target score. Every district in the state showed progress among kindergarten classes and kindergarten progress has remained steady since 2016 with more than 65% of kindergarteners meeting the end-of-year target score each year.


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  1. Dropping the bar is not an improvement.

    Speaking from personal experience:

    Kids are taught how to pass the state test in order to keep the schools out if trouble with the state.

    Practically, they are not learning ANYTHING.

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