Teens Face Murder Charges As Shooting Victim Dies

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — 32-year-old Moses Ellis of Vicksburg has died of injuries suffered in an October 30 shooting and that means new charges for two Vicksburg teenagers arrested in the incident. 19-year-old Kevon Moore, and 18-year-old Titan Moore, no relation, have been in custody on $850,000 bond apiece, accused of shooting Ellis in the neck during an altercation at the Days Inn on Warrenton Road. With the death of Ellis, charges will likely be upgraded to murder. The two Moore’s are also facing additional prison time for armed robbery and possession of a stolen firearm.


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  1. They are not teenagers. They are old enough to vote, serve in military and know right from wrong. It’s time they learn actions have consequences.

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