Supreme Court Ends Bolivar School Controversy

MOUND BAYOU, MS (Ben Caxton) — North Bolivar will have just one high school going forward, and it won’t be in Mound Bayou. The Mississippi Supreme Court weighed in with a ruling on Tuesday coming down squarely on the side of the school board and against citizen’s group JFK United that had been fighting to keep Mound Bayou’s John F. Kennedy High School from closing. The board had voted late last year to close John F. Kennedy High Scool and send all students to Broad Street High School instead. The new combined school already had a name and mascot voted on by students. But eight months of legal battles had kept the plan from being implemented until now. The court’s ruling said that the District’s motion to dismiss an injunction issued by a local chancery judge should be granted and that JFK United’s appeal should be dismissed. The justices said JFK United did not file the suit with the 10 days required to do so and filed in the wrong court and faulted the chancery judge, W.M. Sanders, for failing to dismiss the petition for injunction for lack of jurisdiction, and ordered that JFK United pay all legal costs associated with their failed suit.



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  1. This a crime to close the high school at Mound Bayou!!!!!!

    LaFlorya Young Rombaut

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