Supervisors Relent and Remove No Gun Signs

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Washington County Supervisors have relented and removed “No Gun” signs at the Washington County Courthouse in Greenville. Mississippi law allows enhanced conceal carry license holders to have a gun almost anywhere on public property, courtrooms being one exception if they have passed a special training course. However, signs at the courthouse warned visitors that guns were prohibited anywhere in the building. A citizen complaint sparked an opinion by state Attorney General Jim Hood who affirmed the 2011 Mississippi law allowing guns in the building.



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  1. About time. It’s right around six years since it was not illegal in MS to enhanced-carry into a courthouse. Yeah, I know, it’s said that LEO’s want to be the only ones carrying a weapon, but those times are past now, & every man or woman who doesn’t want to be a victim just might be carrying.

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