Study Claims Mississippi 3rd Worst-run State Government

NEW YORK, NY (Ben Caxton) — Based on an index of over a dozen socioeconomic measures, Mississippi ranks as the third worst-run state government in the country, reports financial news website By several measures, Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the country. Mississippi’s GDP per capita of $34,434 is by far the lowest among the 50 states and about $22,500 less than the national GDP per capita figure of $56,968. It has the second-lowest median household income of any state, at $44,717. Poverty is also relatively common among Mississippi residents as 19.7% of the state’s population lives below the poverty line, the highest poverty rate in the country. The weak economic conditions in the state are likely partially attributable to a weak job market. Annual unemployment stands at 4.8% in Mississippi, well above the 3.9% 2018 national unemployment rate. Mississippi ranked ahead of only Louisiana and New Mexico at the bottom of the list. 24/7’s top three were Utah, Washington, and Minnesota.


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  1. Keep in mind that the cost of living in Mississippi is far less that other states. We pay less in housing, gas, taxes, utilities, etc. than other states. We live as comfortable as others. There are plenty of opportunities in Mississippi. We are rich in history and resources. I would not live anywhere else. I wonder, Mr. Caxton, if you have ever been to Mississippi?

  2. To determine the validity of the article on Mississippi’ s management the author should quote the source of the data. Furthermore, no specific correlation is made between the data quoted and the conclusion that Mississippi is the 3rd worst-managed State. It is at least possible that a poor state could be one whose limited resources are well- managed. I’m not saying there is no connection between the data and the conclusion…just that none was clearly drawn. This an example of poor journalism and evidence of low skill, laziness, or a poorly managed news source.

  3. Avatar Thomas Portaritis | November 16, 2019 at 10:58 am | Reply

    Because it’s always been like this doesn’t have to be excepted. It’s time overdue for us to do something about it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  4. But people keep voting in the same direction. I don’t get it. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

  5. No claim it’s the truth

  6. Yes indeed it is they are way behind just watch an listen on how these other states laws run

  7. I’m really disappointed we are not number 1.

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