State Pushes for Increased Scrutiny Of Welfare

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi is moving toward more intense scrutiny of low-income people on public assistance. This week the Republican-controlled House passed Senate Bill 2257 which would authorize the state auditor to check a sampling of tax returns to verify the income of people enrolled in Medicaid, nutrition and other public assistance programs. The recipients would not have to provide documents and not all recipients’ tax information would be checked but critics say the bill targets some of the neediest people in one of the poorest states in the nation. The measure passed the Senate last month but the House made some changes before passing it Wednesday. Both chambers must agree on a single version before the bill can be sent to Governor Tate Reeves.



2 Comments on "State Pushes for Increased Scrutiny Of Welfare"

  1. Increase scrutiny of the people who administer the funds

  2. Corruption is endemic & there must be a way to root out the bad apples, while at the same time, curbing people who play the system – people who claim to be poor, but are not eligible.

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