Sports Betting Coming to Three Mississippi Indian Casinos

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Three casinos run by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians will offer sports betting, but tribal leaders haven’t said when betting on collegiate and professional sports will begin. The tribe has two casinos near Philadelphia and a third in south Mississippi’s Jones County and tribal casinos are not regulated by the state. The Mississippi Gaming Commission has proposed rules for sports betting in state-licensed casinos along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast which could be adopted this month. The 28 state-licensed casinos could start taking bets by late July. The proposed rules say state-licensed casinos would pay state and local taxes worth 12 percent of the wagers minus payouts. Mississippi-licensed casinos could take bets on any pro, college or Olympic sport or other propositions approved by regulators except political elections although the commission will be able to veto bets “contrary to the public policies of the state.” Casinos couldn’t take wagers from coaches or participants, must report suspicious bets over $5000, and can’t offer special bets or special odds to a single patron. Sportsbooks are supposed to get detailed information on anyone betting or winning more than $10,000.



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