Simmons Calls for Prayer and Peace in Greenville After Killing

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Greenville mayor Errick Simmons issued a statement on Tuesday calling for “prayer and peace” in the city following the shooting of longtime Doe’s Eat Place security officer Joe Sykes over the weekend. The 64-year-old was found dead, lying in the street in the 400 block of Sunflower Street just before 11:00 PM Saturday night. Simmons said the city of Greenville family had lost a “true public servant” in Joe Sykes adding Joe was a friend to many who visited the worlds famous Doe’s Eat Place during his more than a decade of work there. Simmons said he was holding Syke’s family and loved ones in his thoughts and heart as they mourn his loss.



2 Comments on "Simmons Calls for Prayer and Peace in Greenville After Killing"

  1. He didn’t call for Prayer after my child was murdered by one of he’s own officers

  2. These fools out here don’t respect nothing other than Gun Fire and Prison! Calling for prayers and peace don’t work….

    He would have done better by have a meeting with the Vice Lords and Black Gangster Disciples in the communities to reduce the violence around the city. Make them apply pressure on these youngsters……. these so call Men out here want to be gang leaders / community leaders but let these young ppl run wild…….

    RIP to that Black Elder…..

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