Sheriff Helping Police Moorhead During Controversy

MOORHEAD, MS (Ben Caxton) — As the ongoing sex video and police lockout story continues to unfold in Moorhead the county Sheriff is stepping in to assist. The local police department is currently down to just two officers so the Sheriff has been asked to help in patrolling the town. The staff shortage stems from a dispute over an incident where four Moorhead officers, including Chief of Police Bobby Walker filed a complaint against City Manager Percel Moore for sexual harassment. Them officers say Moore went to the station displaying a recording of himself having sex with an unidentified woman. After the complaint was filed locks were changed on the police station building and the officers were locked out. They say in retaliation for filing an ethics complaint against Moore. The Moorhead City Council held a meeting to discuss the matter last week in which Mayor George Hollins announced an administrative hearing to be held this Thursday with the City Manager to address the complaint. In the meantime, however, the police still do not have access to the station, but City Manager Moore will still be allowed to work.



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  1. As a former Delta resident, I enjoy catching up on the news via your website and articles. However, please proofread your articles before posting. There are several misspelled works and grammatical errors in several of your articles.

    • Every day’s news articles are checked with Grammarly before being sent up, but once-in-a-while the draft version slips through and gets posted for all eternity across the web. Thanks for pointing it out.

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