Sheriff Believes There’s Just Something In The Air At Jail

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The Washington County Sheriff believes there’s something in the air at the Washington Regional County Correctional Center outside Greenville. Or someone in the air. Or someone in the air-ducts at least. After a series of embarrassing escapes that have been occurring with some regularity since early last year, it seems that now authorities have latched on to the explanation that would-be freedom seekers are getting into the facilities air ducts to make their run for freedom. That according to a story in yesterday’s Delta Democrat-Times newspaper. Previously in explaining having dangerous criminal escapees from the jail on-the-loose to concerned local citizens and governments, the Sheriff has blamed everything from a need for more barbed wire to prison staff. Several guards have been arrested and charged with aiding a number f the escapees. The latest inmate to go missing is 29-year-old Lorenzo Deshay Dye who was being held on charges of carjacking, armed robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping when he was found missing over the New Years Holiday Weekend.



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