Sharon Stone Won’t Film In The State Of Mississippi

(Canton, MS)– According to Mississippi Film Studios at Canton President Rick Moore said, “Unfortunately, Sharon Stone feels strongly that shooting in Mississippi is not an option while the HB 1523 law exists.” The producers have chosen to regroup and find another location.

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  1. Ms. Stone is welcome not to act or otherwise come to our state. Her voice on this and any political issue falls on deaf ears and she is also welcome to keep it to herself. The Hollywood elitist as to what they think is right for America, are slowly but surely fading out of the minds of most patriot Americans. Her and her compadres voices and opinions in anything but their profession is quickly becoming nothing more than background noise.

  2. I have decided that I will not film in California. Way too many crazy and WAY of center Americans.

  3. Avatar Mississippian who loves Santa Barbara | December 17, 2019 at 8:15 pm | Reply

    Isn’t Sharon Stone washed up?

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