Seven More Clarksdale Auto Burglaries Tuesday

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Auto burglaries continue to keep Clarksdale police busy as seven new breakins were reported Tuesday making a total of twelve since the start of the week. Medication, an iPhone, a knife, handgun magazine, loose change, and cash were taken in seven incidents reported on Tuesday on Anne Cove, Jane Cove, Shaw Cove, Cottonwood Cove, Pearson, and Florida Streets. The police did not specify how many of the now dozen auto burglaries and counting reported since Monday involved cars that were illegally parked in handicapped parking spaces around town.


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  1. Did you mention that the alleged culprit is many of this car burglaries was caught?

  2. Never mentioned that he was caught and held by a citizen until the police could get there.
    He had no three-year-olds at the time.
    Did you read your own article? It doesn’t make sense.

  3. Richard Webster, apparently this person doesn’t live in Clarksdale. I guess he’s trying to be cute. I guess he just doesn’t understand to to citizens of Clarksdale it’s not a laughing matter.
    If you’re going to report, report the facts. If you want to be a comedian, go to a comedy club.

  4. Did they think the payments were supposed to be monthly?

  5. Man delta daily news, you couldn’t have found a reporter that at least graduated elementary school? This article looks like it was written by a child.

  6. Ben Caxton is a clown

  7. Basically, at a recent city board meeting, it was mentioned that the police chief has directed the officers to begin enforcing handicap parking violations amidst all of the real crime that is going on. I’m not saying that handicap parking isn’t important, but it is hilarious in context/contrast of the crime that is really going on here.

    Ben Caxton is officially my hero and my spirit animal from this point moving forward.

    Yes, the details may not be 100% accurate, but the sentiment is there and the sarcasm is on point.
    If we don’t want people making fun of our city anymore, we need to do something to fix the crime here because we have become a joke and a laughing stock to everyone around us and we are getting exactly what we deserve.

    Thank God for Delta Daily News and thank God for Ben Caxton!!!!!

  8. Eriac Taylor Jr. better watch yo shit mfs stealing they ass off boy

  9. The Police Department here are just as bad as the criminals they claim to serve justice….Officers in Clarksdale abuse their power and are extremely unprofessional as well as undereducated and lack knowledge of the laws that they are actually suppose to protect. BEFORE crime gets better here in Clarksdale the PD needs to clean up it’s act and officers. People can’t respect the law if the ones who took an oath to protect it are abusing it for their own personal confidence and character. Most of em quiet as a church mouse when out those uniforms so why get all big and bad once it’s on…. If the PD carried itself with more dignity & professionalism then maybe people would actually respect them more and their presence…but these cops are worthless so the crimes will continue to rise

  10. Avatar Preston Babcock | August 18, 2019 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    Why don’t the Police enforce curfews and run radar instead of running stop signs while they are texting on their cellphones? I work in Clarksdale Monday through Friday and speeding is terrible on Lee Drive,Friar’s Point Rd.,Florence Ave.,Oakhurst ,Desoto Extended,West Second.
    If they were not scared to hurt someone’s baby momma cousins daddy in law’s feelings and actually write speeders a ticket that wouldn’t be fixed they could make enough money to pay for the dog and the police officer to handle it and probably pave the streets,too! That would probably take too much paperwork, though.
    But make sure you crack down on that handicapped parking…Lolololol !
    What a joke !

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