Senate Candidate Boyanton Visits with Delta Daily News

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THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — A new challenger has emerged after Chris McDaniel pulled out of the race against Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker. “We need conservatives in Washington who are willing to battle the liberal Democrats and the liberal Republicans.” Richard Boyanton, a former businessman, and former president of Scott Fence Company has tossed his hat into the ring saying he thinks Wicker’s twelve years in office, ought to be enough for any politician. In a conversation with Delta Daily News Boyantan expressed his desire to work for term limits for all politicians in Washington saying that the turnover would replace half of Congress so that new people might finally start solving the nation’s problems, including getting runaway spending under control, saying he promises “never to vote for a deficit spending bill, never to vote for anything we cannot pay for. I’m a Constitutionalist who believes that we should follow the Constitution.”. Boyanton said he agrees with President Trump on policing and enforcing the border between the United States and Mexico. Boyanton is Wicker’s only challenger for the Senate seat in this fall’s election.



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