Rosedale Wants All In On Holding Illegal Aliens


ROSEDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Rosedale wants to get rid of the trash and hold on to illegal aliens. At this week’s city council meeting the top topic was removing trash from the old Amoco lot, with the Mayor promising the council to look for a place to permanently store the debris once it has been removed. At the same meeting, local businessman Jack Coleman resurrected the idea of building a detention center in Rosedale to cash in on what some hope will become a booming new industry – housing illegal aliens. Coleman said a company called Emerald Correctional Management had expressed an interest in build a 1,000-bed facility in Rosedale some years ago. And when contacted recently by Coleman expressed a renewed interest in the plan. Such a detention center, if built, would employee up to 200 workers.

2 Comments on "Rosedale Wants All In On Holding Illegal Aliens"

  1. Jack, please tell me I did not see your name on this!

  2. Wow. Not cool jack. What happened to the other 200+ jobs you were supposed to be creating in rosedale with a brewery, theatre, and museum? Changed your mind on what would be best for the citizens? You were all that talk about promoting rosedale’s blues history and now this…smh

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