Reeves Has a Plan to Increase Teacher Salaries

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Republican Lt. Governor Tate Reeves says if he’s elected Governor, he has a four-year plan to increase Mississippi teacher salaries. It won’t require a tax increase because state tax collections are exceeding expectations. His proposal calls for doubling state spending from $12 million to $24 million for classroom supplies and to increase teacher pay by $4200 over four years to just over $47,000, the current Southeastern average for teachers. Attorney General Jim Hood, the Democratic nominee for governor, also has a plan to raise teacher pay; his plan calls for a $3000 boost in teacher pay over two years, saying the $1500 provided by lawmakers this year is insufficient. Mississippi teachers have received raises, including one this year, but Hood says their paychecks have less spending power because of inflation than they did in 2012. The election is November 5th; in addition to Reeves and Hood, independent David Singletary and the Constitution Party’s Bob Hickingbottom are also running for governor.


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  1. “It won’t require a tax increase because state tax collections are exceeding expectations.”

    Oh good, then I expect Tater has similar plans to proceed with repair of dilapidated roads, bridges & crumbling school structures, right? Taxes which ‘exceed expectations’ are kinda like found money, I guess – in the mindset of gubernatorial candidates, if not in the minds of MS legislators, who likely fall into the don’t-count-your-chickens-’til-they-hatch group.

    I’m so sick of the endless rounds of electioneering.

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