Red Cross Donates $50,000 To Help Flood Victims

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GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons was on hand yesterday to accept some money on behalf of Delta Force from a former professor who taught the Mayor about the value of handling assets, “and so I can assure you today, that the folks here in Greenville will take good care of this money.” Ivy Williams, Red Cross’ regional CEO, presented a check for $50,000 to help victims of last year’s devastating floods. Terri Lane, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Washington County. “Once the floodwaters dissipated back in 2016 everybody thought things were fine. Everybody went back to normal. Most of our neighborhoods are perfectly fine. But there are neighborhoods throughout Washington County that are not fine. We’re currently working with about fifty clients still that are living in a large state of disrepair.” The money will be going to foundation Lane represents and distributed through Delta Force. “The dollars are being spent to repair homeowners’ property and their homes based on a verification process of need and then being able to do those repairs for them through paid professionals as well as volunteers so that there’s no cost to the homeowners themselves.” The flood damages that this will help repair takes many forms according to Lane. “So in some cases, it’s replacing floors, in some cases, it’s replacing walls, in some cases, it’s taking all the mold out of their home, in many cases, it’s replacing roofs.” Lane says they are excited about receiving the donation “To the American Red Cross, this will take us a long way toward helping our residents throughout Washington County, and we are thrilled to get a big check today, to the community foundation.” Lane told Delta Daily News that’s it’s not too late to help. “There’s a lot more work to be done. If you’re interested in volunteering to help work on a home or if you’re interested in donating you can visit our website which is at or you can mail a check to us at P.O. Box 5910, Greenville, MS, 38704 and just put in the memo line that it’s to the Washington County Disaster Recovery Fund.”



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