Record Numbers Of Mississippi Seniors Graduate

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MISSISSIPPI (Ben Caxton) — A record 83 percent of Mississippi seniors graduated on time from high school last school year, even as lawmakers consider ending tests that affect whether students can graduate. The national graduation rate is 84 percent, and state education officials report graduation is up for all groups of students, with African Americans at 79.3 percent and children from lower-income families at 79.9 percent. The graduation rate for children with disabilities was a dismal 28 percent in 2015 and is now 36 percent. About 20 percent of students now graduate without passing end-of-course exams in English, algebra, biology and US history. Passing all four tests was required until 2014 when the state Board of Education voted to allow students to graduate if they could show alternate measures of proficiency. When those changes were made Mississippi’s graduation began to improve from 74.5 percent for the Class of 2014 to 83 percent now.



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