Primary Fight Dents Reeves Election Warchest

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — A contested Republican primary and runoff dented the cash cushion of Tate Reeves, but Mississippi’s lieutenant governor still has more money than Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood as the two wrestle for the governor’s chair. Reeves burned through $5.8 million between July and September to win the GOP nomination, including $3.2 million from his savings accounts. Reeves fought off state Representative Robert Foster and former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. in the Republican primary and runoff. As of September 3rd Reeves had $3.3 million on hand while Hood had $1.3 million. The heaviest-spending governor’s race in Mississippi history was the 2003 contest in which Republican Haley Barbour evicted one-term Democrat Ronnie Musgrove from the governor’s mansion beginning a period of GOP rule that has lasted 16 years. Barbour and Musgrove spent a total of $18 million that year, not including another $5 million spent by the Republican Governors Association to aid Barbour. If Hood and Reeves only spend the money they had on hand on September 30th and don’t raise another dime, they’re on track to spend $16 million this year. The state’s general election will be held on November 5th.


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  1. Tater doesn’t need to spend a whole lot more on his campaign. Republicans are going to vote for him in any case. Any Democrats who weren’t going to vote for him, aren’t going to vote for him now, or ever. DT Jr just had a show for Tate in Philadelphia, and he just need to keep reassuring the rural voters, he ain’t going soft.

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