Police Chief Fired in House Cleaning at MVSU

ITTA BENA, MS (Ben Caxton) — 18-year veteran of the Mississippi Valley State University police force, Chief Alex Granderson, is among the casualties of an apparent house-cleaning underway at the university. Granderson revealed to the Greenwood Commonwealth newspaper yesterday that he was fired by vice president of student affairs Jacqueline Gibson. And Granderson is not alone. According to the paper also let go over the last few weeks were Lloyd Dixon, director of financial aid, and Jacquelyn Williams, director of admissions. Granderson told the Commonwealth that his firing felt personal, and “unfair”. The Itta Bena campus has been rocked by two shootings in August, one in the student union parking lot, and another at a video game contest. Another campus fight erupted into gunfire in March at the school’s recreation center. Williams, who is behind the firings, had been named in a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer, Kentucky State University, which that University settled for $250,000 just before trial. Granderson said he plans to protest his firing as well.



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