Pharmacy Owner Gets 10 Years for $243M Fraud Scheme

RIDGELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — 51-year old Thomas Edward Spell, Jr., a pharmacy owner in Ridgeland, has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for his involvement in a $243 million compounding pharmacy fraud scheme. Spell’s case is part of the largest health care fraud scheme ever investigated and prosecuted in the State of Mississippi. The investigation is ongoing and prosecutions are continuing in Arkansas, Tennessee, California, and Connecticut. Spell was also ordered to pay $243.5 million in restitution. Spell previously pled guilty to a Criminal Information outlining his role in the scheme to defraud TRICARE, the health care benefit program serving military, veterans and their respective family members. 20 people have been charged and 14 convicted in the compounding pharmacy scheme in the Southern District of Mississippi.


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  1. It’s amazing that the former Commissioner of Corrections can get 236 months (19 years) for 1.5 million dollars he stole and the Pharmacy Owner gets 10 years for 243 million dollars for defrauding TRICARE that helps our very own veterans and their families. How insane is that?

  2. This was my first time ever posting, how could it be duplicate. I still think it is strange one man gets almost 20 yrs for 1.5 million and the other gets 10 years for 243 million???????????

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