Parish Pellet Plant Polluter in a Pickle

BASTROP, LA (Ben Caxton) — A Bastrop wood pellet manufacturing plant is officially on notice from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to clean up its act. And its smokestacks. In a letter made public on Tuesday, the DEQ is requiring the Drax Group’s Morehouse Parish plant to install pollution control equipment. The notice after several groups filed written comments in 2018 over the renewal of the Drax Group’s air pollution control permit, citing health concerns and other things. A government attorney expressed confidence that Drax can reduce the plant’s emissions to legal levels without cutting jobs. But, company officials say they have no idea what will be required to reduce pollution at the Morehouse plant. The wood pellets manufactured in Bastrop are shipped to Britain where they are broken up into sawdust and used as fuels in power plants in place of coal.



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