Outbreak Of Coronavirus at Greenwood Nursing Home

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — the 150-bed Golden Age nursing home in Greenwood is reporting one of its residents have tested positive for the Wuhan-Covid-19-Coronavirus. That brings the total of long term care facilities in the state working to contain an outbreak to 35. State Health Officials define an “Outbreak” as one or more cases of the virus. The infected resident at Golden Age has been put in isolation and is resting comfortably with no visible symptoms.


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  1. This virus was brought in by the staff. The confined elderly is not leaving the facility to get exposed.

    • Not necessarily. Some patients leave via nursing home bus for treatments at the hospital, cancer center, etc so if they have been exposed they will most certainly bring it bk n not show symptoms for days IF at all!

  2. We all ready know the staff did it

  3. Not necessarily staff patients still go to appointments, dialysis and ER visits.

  4. Thus virus doesn’t belong to the staff or residents… Prayers for all involved.

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