Ole Miss Releases Booster Names In NCAA Probe

The NCAA investigation into Ole Miss took another turn Friday as the Rebels released the names of some boosters and businesses in the 2016 and 2017 Notice of Allegations. The football program is charged with 21 violations ranging from personalized recruiting videos to cash payments to recruits and players. Ole Miss admits that 14 of the 21 violations happened but is contesting the other seven. Among the infractions that the University will contest are head coach responsibility and lack of institutional control. Ole Miss has already self-imposed a postseason/bowl ban for the upcoming season and has banned boosters involved in the allegations from attending home games and restricted them from entering athletic facilities. There’s also a self-imposed recruiting penalty for the football program, a 15% scholarship reduction over the next 4 years with no unofficial visits by recruits for the first 3 home games of the 2017 season. The NCAA could impose further penalties on the program.


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