Ole Miss Issues Warning on Costumes

OXFORD, MS (Ben Caxton) — After an Ole Miss honors student reported himself to the college for posting a photo online of him wearing blackface, the university has issued a warning about costumes. The school reports the student is working on plan that includes working with the group negatively affected by his actions that represented poor judgment.


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  1. I’m sure if he bows, scrapes, and crawls on his belly with his hands over his head in shame, and does 15 genuflections to the high priestess of Multiculturalism, he MIGHT be allowed to breath the same air as The Sanctified on campus. But if he ever tries his hand at public service, his past actions may simply disqualify him from the git-go.

    Ole Miss, my Alma mater, chaos, chaos awaits at the gate.
    What monstrous progeny slips from your whorish loins?

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