Old Elks Lodge Days in Greenville Are Numbered

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — After more than three years of fighting, the City of Greenville finally has a demolition permit in hand to bring down the historic, but dilapidated old Elks Club Lodge building on Washington Avenue. The permit was issued on Monday by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Brownfields Assesment Grant funds paid for assessments of the structure which indicate that both the building and the soil around the site are contaminated, in part from asbestos and lead paint used on the structure. The city likely will apply for another $350,000 grant from the EPA to clean up the site – which will include bringing in the bulldozers to demolish the building.



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  1. Bye-bye to an eyesore & an old club so old white guys could get away from their wives. And finally, a job of work for the EPA. But the price seems high. I once knew a guy named Gino Finucci who would have done it for half the price.

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