November 11: The Week In Review

Chicot Memorial

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another week has gone by in the Delta, and if you weren’t listening to Delta Radio every morning here’s what you might have missed. Cleveland is removing the state flag from all city buildings. A second fire in two years heavily damaged a Clarksdale furniture store, while Clarksdale Police caught a suspect in a series of home invasions. A Greenwood police officer caused a mistrial in a murder case by texting and Washington County Deputies are getting a third chance to hold a man who has already escaped from them twice. In Greenville police are searching for a burglary suspect, a truck hitting power lines caused a blackout, and two men died when their cars hit trees in two separate accidents occurring within 90 minutes of each other. Thieves in Vicksburg stole $44K from a truck parked at a local casino, Vicksburg’s Mayor may run for Lieutenant Governor, the city is looking at getting out of the wastewater treatment business, and an Arkansas man is accused of causing the death of a Lake Village 3-year-old. All this and more, this week from Delta radio, and



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