New Secretary Of State Will Work to Change Election Law

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s incoming secretary of state says he will work to change a Jim Crow-era election system that requires multiple steps for statewide races. State senator Michael Watson will take office in January and plans to ask legislators to change the election process. Because it requires amending the state constitution, voters would also have to give their approval. Mississippi’s 1890 constitution requires a statewide candidate to win a majority of both the popular vote and the 122 state House districts; without both, the election is decided by the state House. The law was written as white politicians across the South tried to erase black political power gained during Reconstruction, and the separate House vote was promoted as a way for the white ruling class to have the final say in who holds office. African American plaintiffs filed a federal lawsuit this year to challenge the process, saying it violates the constitutional principle of one person-one vote.


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  1. The RACE card will never die

  2. Another one of those laws in Mississippi that was pass to stop black people from holding public office in the state. The F up part is, they have never tried to change it. And all of those in Jackson know that this is wrong.

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