New Roofs Finally for Public Buildings in Greenville

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Rain is good. Rain inside buildings is not. After a severe storm with large hail damaged many buildings in Greenville back in March, whenever it rained outside, the buckets came out in a number of buildings including the city library downtown, the municipal courthouse, the Police Department Annex, the Elwyn Ward Recreation Center, and classrooms at Greenville High School. After months of delays. The library roof has finally been repaired. In total, the city had budgeted $277,000 for repairs to five city buildings, but the damage was so much worse in several cases the repairs had to be rebid. This week the city authorize the rebidding process and its hoped that the roofs will be watertight again, soon. At the same times, students at Greenville High who have been forced to learn in wet classrooms may also soon see relief. The Greenville Public School District’s Board of Trustees declared an emergency over their damaged roof last week – six months after the storms passed through. The districts insurance company okayed bidding on the project and the plan is to use a polymer, paid for by insurance until a new roof can be installed. The district says total damages between the roofs, mechanical equipment, and water damage may total as much as $10.1 million.



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