Mound Bayou Group Demands Board Hand over School – and $1.7 Million

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MOUND BAYOU, MS (Ben Caxton) — JFK United, the citizen’s group that fought and lost a long court battle against the closure of Mound Bayou’s John F. Kennedy High School is issuing new threats. The group is now demanding that the school board give the JFK building to the citizens of Mound Bayou, along with $1.7 million or they will file a new lawsuit in Federal court. They are also asking that North Bolivar Superintendent Maurice Smith and school board chairman Jefferick Butler resign immediately. According to reporting in the Bolivar Commercial newspaper, some parents went so far as to boycott the first day of school at the new combined “Northside” High Scool in Shelby. The newspaper said that a reporter sent to Northside to see if the busses were arriving empty was asked to leave the campus. The Mayor of Mound Bayou speaking for JFK United vowed parents plan to continue the boycott of the new school for at least two weeks – running the risk of criminal charges under Mississippi law for keeping their kids out of school.



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  1. The JFK High School in Mound Bayou should be under the direction of that city!!

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