More Violence at Mississippi Valley State

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ITTA BENA, MS (Ben Caxton) — Violence on the Mississippi State University campus has again resulted in arrests. 16-year-old Gabrielle Coulter of Greenwood and 18-year-old Tyrone Payne of Itta Bena were arrested Wednesday after a video game competition on campus turned into an armed robbery and a fight. Coulter was charged with four counts of aggravated assault and armed robbery. Payne was charged with robbery. In a press release obtained by Delta Daily News, Mississippi Valley State said Coulter and Payne attempted to rob a number of MVSU students at gunpoint in Ratcliff Hall after a video game competition. A fight ensued, and Coulter, who was injured, was transported to Greenwood Leflore Hospital, where he was treated and released. MVSU Police held both men and turned them over to Leflore County Sheriff’s deputies. Less than two weeks ago one man was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault and another of carrying a weapon on school property after shooting at a car in the MVSU Student Union and injuring an occupant.



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  1. Tell the true it wasn’t no video game it was gambling period! How did Tyrone know who room gambling my son gambling with a lot of people. Never this tell how valley cover up rape charges because these are Valley football team y’all want cover it up tell how they all had turn gun on each other in the room my son was just wrong place wrong time. Valley cover up everything these football players do because there low in role meant in school.

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