More Arrests In Mississippi War On Contraband


GRENADA COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s crackdown on contraband in prison continues. Yesterday as Delta Daily News reported an Indianola man, 47-year-old Tommy Brewer was arrested and charged with introduction of contraband into a prison facility. A man is being held in the Washington County jail on charges that he smuggled a gun into the Indianola holding cell of convicted felon Lucas Edwards just minutes after he returned from court. In Grenada yesterday Sheriff Alton Strider announced two arrests for furnishing contraband to a prisoner, including a correctional office at the Grenada County Jail who was helping to smuggle marijuana to prisoners. The Sheriff said that on Friday morning a citizen witnessed someone throwing an object over the fence at the jail and contacted authorities. The suspects then got back in a car and drove away. A woman involved, 34-year-old Talisha Mitchell, was later captured and arrested. The corrections officer, 36-year-old Timothy McKinney, has also been detained. Brewer, of Indianola, is currently free after posting a $75,000 bond. Contraband smuggled into prisons by corrupt guards, concealed in food containers or hurled over security fences are an increasing worry for law enforcement as prisoners use cell phones they obtain to intimidate witnesses, direct drug deals and plan escapes.


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