Moorhead Cancels Investigation and Fires Officers

MOORHEAD, MS (Ben Caxton) — The mystery over the allegations of sexual misconduct by Moorhead City manager Percel Moore deepened this week when it was reported the city is looking to hire replacement officers for the ones that made the allegations against Moore who have apparently been fired. The dispute started after several officers complained when Moore entered the police station on November 7th and displayed a video of himself having sex with an unidentified woman. While Moore was showing the video around the station the officers brought it to the attention of Chief of Police Bobby Walker. A complaint was filed with the Mississippi Ethics Commission charging Moore with sexual harassment. In retaliation for the filing, the city suspended the Chief, the officers, and changed the locks on the city’s police station. The city scheduled a meeting to investigate Moore, but the meeting was canceled, with no word to the public as to why.



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  1. The plot thickens… And this all happened too quickly. Sum Ting Wong.

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