Moon Eclipses Classes In Natchez

Natchez, MS (Ben Caxton) — At least one Mississippi school is closing for the eclipse. Saying it’s trying to protect students from harm, the Natchez-Adams Schools District has canceled all classes for Monday, the day of the solar eclipse. Without explanation as to why students in school could be injured, the district issued a statement saying in part “Student safety is [a] priority, and we want to make sure we do not put students at-risk of harm,” according to school Public Relations Coordinator Steven Richardson. Students will make up for their day off half days on October 6th and December 21st which presumably will have a full day of sun without the moon getting in the way and possibly injuring the students. Meanwhile, Vicksburg’s Catholic schools apparently unaware of the dangers of allowing students to stay in school will be releasing students early, around 11:00 AM to give them the opportunity to view the eclipse under the care and guidance of their families.


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